04 – Hoping For a Wendigo

Wudduppppppppp, roomies! I don’t know if I mentioned it yet (maybe I did in this episode), but we’re going to start referring to our listeners as “roomies” since you hang with us in the Round Room! Creative right? I know, I know. Thank me later.

Episode four, Hoping For a Wendigo, is live! In this week’s episode – it’s a CREATURE FEATURE! Kristel and I share two tales of infamous creatures: The Wendigo and The Mothman! Kristel also covers the shitty (LITERALLY) death of Edmund Ironside. Then, Kristel gets an unexpected knock on her door in the middle of the night. You’ll want to wait til the end on this one…

{ We do not own the rights to these images }

Until next time, roomies!
❤ Shawnna

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