02 – Possessed by Freddie Mercury

Heyyyyyyyy guys! Ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Have frequent deja vu? Have recurrent memories that you can’t explain? Maybe you’re experiencing signs of a past life! {oooooohhhhh *spooky ghost sound*}

In episode 2, Possessed by Freddie Mercury, Kristel and I discuss one of our favorite topics – past lives! Kristel shares the stories of Luke Ruelhman, a little boy who says he used to be Pamela Robinson, a woman who died in a 1993 Chicago apartment fire and the reincarnation of Maha Ram (check out the autopsy photos)! Shawnna covers the alleged past lives of Shanti Devi and Dorothy Eady aka Omm Sety. Oh, and there’s a gal who claims she’s been possessed by some of music’s greatest artists! And don’t forget our weekly bizarre death! This week we talk laughing until you die and why you should never have sex on pianos!

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Until next time, roomies!
❤ Shawnna